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Armorial Général
The Armorial Général is a monumental work, containing descriptions, or blazons, of the arms of over 130,000 European families, alphabetically arranged and accurately described. It was compiled in the late 19th century by Johan Baptiste Rietstap from the Netherlands. In addition to a full description of the arms, many entries identify the nationality of the arms bearer, his title, and the conferrance date. Never before has it been possible to use the Armorial Général as a virtual ordinary and search its blazons at lightning speed for particular charges, tinctures, mottos, etc. No more searching for days through hundreds of pages in libraries or second hand bookstores. With Blazon Search you have the entire work at your finger tips.

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The Armorial Online is a subscription based service, meaning that casual visitors can make limited use of the searching capabilities while subscribers have access to all search features. Visitors can only search in names and for whole words and exact matches only. Subscribers can:

  • Search both names and blazons.
  • Use the armories as ordinaries to find what name matches a particular blazon.
  • Use wildcards, phrases, and switches to narrow down your search.
  • Use limited support for English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.
  • Access the list of abbreviations used in the Armorial Général.
  • Access any future subscriber services added to Blazon Search.

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